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Rystora scar tape

Rystora® Rosetta Silicone Sheets help pressure sore relief from N95 mask. Skin friendly material is soft and breathable. If you already have a press mark on face, it is recommended use Rystora® Skin Protector Spray and spray it on face first, let it become a membrane before using Rosetta silicone sheets.


• Before
Subject puts on N95 mask for 3 hours as a control group. The pressure marks are obvious (the figure shown above) on subject’s face and subject feels painful. 

• After
Subject uses silicone sheet and puts on a N95 mask. After 3 hours, the pain on face and nose is acceptable. In the meanwhile, pressure marks on faces in not obvious. 




Product REF. No. Package of 1 OPP bag Package of 1 box Description
Rosetta silicone sheets SACN03 Nose * 3 strip 20 OPP bag Disposable
Cheek * 3 pair 1 month supply